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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My passage to India

No, I didn't disappear from the face of the Earth. I just keep writing drafts here and never manage to publish them...

I am in India - another one of my childhood dreams coming true. An Indian colleague, consulted because I was very anxious before my departure, said he doesn't think I'll encounter any life threatening circumstances. His feeling was that I'll probably be disappointed. And in a way he was right...

Things here are very different. This is not David Lean's India. Neither is Mircea Eliade's.
It's a weird mixture of aggressive capitalism and thousands of years of culture. And I need time to get accustomed to it! Maybe one day I'll love it. But for the moment, I'm just overwhelmed.

I spent a week at Wipro in Bangalore. It was a great experience and I hope to blog about it this week!

Now I'm in Kerala, taking an ayurvedic massage course. I should be in the seventh heaven... only if I could be less critical!

I'm in an Internet cafe right now - I had to change a password that was expiring and I checked every Internet cafe in town if they would let me connect my laptop. Everybody else said: "impossible", until I found this nice guy at Rabby Towers. Wi fi seems not to have reached this land yet - they were looking at me as if I'd have been from another planet .

h2g2 Book plus TowelImage by Ankur Banerjee via Flickr Talking about other planets- I found in a bookshop Douglas Adams' Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy and I'm reading it now!
The hotel does have Internet access - but it's an old PC in a tiny room next to the kitchen, and shared with the staff and every other hotel guest!

Going back to my hotel now, more later, world!
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