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Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Jaiku-born exchange

On Thursday we had a very nice exchange with a group of Creative Multimedia students from Tipperary Institute of Technology...

All started a few good weeks ago, with Bernie Goldbach following the Jaiku channel I use with my students (Bernie recalls jaikus about Doug Engelbart received on his mobile phone while he was walking his dog:)- must have been that "toaster as medium" thingie!).

In October, I finally made it to an OpenCoffee in the Absolute Hotel and met Bernie in person. Not before spamming him with a Shelfari invite the night before:(
Photo by topgold
Still frustrated because I missed the EduCamp in June and the PodCamp in September, I invited Bernie to give a talk on podcasting to my students. Bernie thought of bringing some of his students along - and I was enthused about this!

And then all happened on Thursday - Bernard spoke to the UL+TippInst students about podcasting, jobs and entrepreneurship, asked his students to talk about their own work and encouraged the audience to ask questions. The students were a bit shy in the beginning, but when he invited them to have a look at his podcasting gear, most of them couldn't resist the temptation and the ice was broken. The two groups of students had the chance to mingle for a few minutes afterwards!

After the lecture, the TippInst students visited the IDC, where Liam Bannon gave them a briefing on the Interaction Design Centre and our way of looking at technology, and Lui spoke about previous and current IDC projects. The visit finished with the grand tour and a closer look at some of our "reliques" - the Shannon Portal, the recipe pyramid...

It was an interesting exchange and I have the feeling we all learned from it!
Some opinions of my students on the event can be read on the Jaiku channel!

Note: A more formal version of this post was published on the IDC blog previously.
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