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Friday, May 21, 2004

Working in Paris

21.05.04 - the new Blogger does not let me indicate the date when this was written

Just a few notes on the run: I am working with a group of MBA students in Paris for one week, and two weeks ago, before coming here, I started a weblog for our interaction.

Reading Martin Roell's notes on Weblogs on themselves are not useful and having my first meeting with the students made me ask myself why am I doing this? Am I some blog-addict?

But today I changed my opinion. After all, it wasn't such a bad idea. I used a lot of weblog resources in teaching, and the students wanted to write down their URLs. Instead, I posted the links on the weblog. I also wrote down some questions and answers.
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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Special J.UCS issue on Communities of Practice

The special issue of J.UCS Journal dedicated to Communities of Practice is now on-line.

The papers of this special issue were presented or were inspired by a special track on "I-Know'03 - Third International Conference on Knowledge Management" in Graz organized by the Know-Center.

Stefanie Lindstaedt from the Know-Center signs an excellent overview of the papers presented in (Virtual) Communities of Practice within Modern Organizations
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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Our different perspectives

During my last German class, we were given a few words and a few pictures as a starting point for writing a story. Actually, they were referring to a short story written by Heinrich Böll: Anecdote for the Decline of the Working Morale. None of us was previously aware of the story.
We worked in groups and produced four different stories. Then we listened to the four different stories, and finally to the original one written by Böll.
It is amazing how different people can think, how they identify themselves with one character or the other and how they project their own ideas, attitudes, ideals on the characters.

I think this method could be very useful in education, but also in organizational environments. Asking people about their own interpretation of a theory they learned about, or their own perspective on an event or situation they lived through, and sharing our owns with others would certainly improve a lot our perspective. I think I read about this somewhere: that multiple subjective opinions could build up a sort of objectivity... But this is basically what we bloggers are doing: sharing our perspective.

Not all the people will become bloggers over night, that's for sure (I'm thinking more and more about blogging as a model for knowledge sharing that could be extended and applied to other tools and maybe environments); but I think that listening to other people's opinions could help organizational learning in general. Another perspective on the problem that's been troubling us for days can be sometimes the key to solving it. People pretend they don't have time to talk to the others; but does keeping themselves busy and crushing into the same old wall help?!

This reflection was triggered by Lilia's post Sharing perspectives, quality and KJ-technique.
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Monday, May 10, 2004

Blogger has a new face!

I didn't notice how conservative I am till today when I opened the new Blogger and I discovered a brand new user interface.

It looks terrific, I think they've done a great job, but... it disturbed me!
I was so efficient working with the old format, and now it will take days to acquire the same speed! For me,the chosen moment was the worse ever! So many deadlines, and such a short time left!

This makes me think how adaptable are we in reality. I don't mind when I plan for or I provoke changes. But when these are controlled by others and I have to face them without previous notice...

Transfering this to Organizational Learning: the same applies to people working in an organization when they are aware of imminent changes. They can adapt, they can comply with new rules easier than when changes come unexpectedly...
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Another long silence

Tough week! I didn't have the time to blog anymore, even if I was thinking almost all the time: I should blog this! or that!
First, I succeeded to send a paper to TICE 2004 on Weblogging as a Model for Individual and Organisational Learning . That was last week.

And then I had to work hard for preparing my module on Knowledge and Organization to be taught at the CNAM in Paris next week. Well, it's almost done. I plan to start a new weblog for interacting with the students.

Aren't they too many? I think I should be more focused. Writing so many blogs could be distracting and confusing. But also helpful - I can separate the different parts of my work.

Now we have to finish the paper accepted at the ECKM 04, which is also hosted by the CNAM. And I have another paper on Knowledge Based Systems pending. A lot of work, and my time in Germany is getting shorter and shorter. I will have to move to Luxemburg next month, for the second part of my fellowship. A new begining, new topics, new people...
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