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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Early hours

I'll be away for the next two weeks.
After sending our contribution to ECKM yesterday, I succeeded to finalise my idea and to send an abstract to BlogTalk.

Is this an accomplishment? No - it was again in the last minute, but this time only from my personal point of view.
Now I would like to find some great idea, and to leave it unfinished, to motivate me when I'll be back.
But after two nights without sleep, I am not able to!
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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

More on switching to the writing mode

More on switching to the writing mode. I remember a documentary about the extraordinary French actress Simone Signoret writing her memories (she was, at the time, torn apart by cancer little by little). She said she always left the page unfinished, the idea open in the evening. This way, in the morning it was very easy to restart, just continuing the idea, experiencing a sense of duty that motivated her.
The one-day-old story chained naturally with another one as she wrote...
Her advice was never to stop when you finished- stop right in the middle at the end of the day. This will motivate you to go on. Will this work for me?

Portfolios and blogs. Doing a study for pellea. How fit are blogs for being used as portfolios? Usually, knowledge workers write down ideas, reflections or track sources. Could a blog reflect accomplishments? You would expect web designers and photographers to be able to document their previous work by using blogs, but not knowledge workers. I remember Martin Roell answered once to this question – he got several contracts exactly because people became aware of his unique competencies and skills by reading his E-business blog

My mind works like jumpin’ beans- I left this window open and I opened another one – starting to write my proposal for BlogTalk 2.0. Why do I always have this devious tendency when a deadline approaches – to be in the right mood for doing any other job... but the one I’m supposed to?
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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Strange coincidence...

I was trying to return to Curioser and curioser on which I read a post few minutes ago.
Accidentally, I picked up a wrong URL in my IE address bar, and I retrieved a post from a blog I read several days ago.

It was The journey from WIIFM to WOMII from Few hours before, we had a meeting where we were talking about motivations for learning in a CoP. Was this an answer to my questions? It looks like!

Anyhow, I browsed few days ago and I forgot to bookmark it. Does anything happen by hazard? Or can we influence the way things happen? And OT, what comes into my mind is the introductory scene of Stalker by Tarkovski, where the redhaired little girl pushes a glass of water off the table just by looking at it.
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